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Search our catalogue to find your next great read! 

How to use: the library collection list will open in a new window. 


To search the list, type CTRL and F.  Type what you want to search for (e.g. Lewis). Next to the search box, you will see how many times “Lewis” appears in the list.  You can use the arrows there to navigate through the list.  


To start a new search, delete what you entered in the box and type something new.

About the library:

Dancing Under the Red Star by Karl Tobien, tells the heartbreaking story of Margaret Werner, the teenaged daughter of a Detroit Ford worker sent to Russia to help start an auto industry. In the 1930s Purges her father was arrested on false charges of treason and later she was sent to the Gulag. She was the only American woman to survive this ordeal and managed to return to the US in 1961. This is a remarkable story of faith and courage.

The Bea Chute Memorial library at Bedford Baptist has over 2500 selections.  The fiction section is named in honour of Ruth Pierce a long-time member and fiction lover. The collection has books for all ages including books and videos for children, parenting books, theological books and historical books. 

The library is managed and staffed by members of the library committee before and after Sunday service. If you have any questions about the collection or are looking for a recommendation, contact 

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