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new here?

Here is an idea of what to expect. If you have a question, flag someone down!

Feeling at Home

Every church is different. Sometimes we stand, sometimes we sit, sometimes we don't know what we're doing! We want you to be comfortable, so sit if you need to, or walk around to stretch your legs. You are our guest, so when the offering plate comes around please don't feel obligated to contribute. Hearing aid users can pick up an FM transmitter from an usher.

Bringing Your Kids

Kids up to grade six have their own programs during Sunday service. Kids in grade primary to six join the adults at the beginning of the service for announcements and music. They head downstairs with their leaders and you can pick them up after the service. You can take your preschool-aged kids to the preschool room (ask for directions!) just before the service begins. Kids two and under can play in the nursery with nursery volunteers. Feel free to come and go or stay with your child. 

After Church

Don't feel you need to rush out! People are happy to mill about and chat after the service. Once a month (usually the fourth Sunday) there's an invitation to join us downstairs for spaghetti or pizza lunch. In the summer lemonade is often served or you can check out the fresh vegetables in the garden.


The first Sunday of every month is a communion service. Part of the Baptist tradition is to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us by taking time to reflect. Instructions are given as you go: feel free to participate (or not) in any way you feel comfortable. Pastors are around to answer any questions you may have.

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