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You can:

To give a donation to Bedford Baptist Church via e-transfer, please follow these instructions.

Login to your online banking page.

     Find “Interac e-Transfer"

     Fill out the required information:

     You are sending money to

     Enter your total donation (you can break it down later if needed)


Enter the security question and password:

             Security question: Where is our church?

             Password: Bedford


Message: Tell us how much money is going to what program/fund. Make sure it adds up to your total. If you don’t have a specific program/fund in mind, it will go to the general fund.

If you are a church member, make sure your full name or envelope  number is in the message if it is not obvious from your email address.


If you are not a church member, send an email to with your full name, address and amount given so we can send you a receipt if needed.

Your donations and information will be handled securely. If you have any questions, please contact

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