updated October/2020

Life Groups

Life can throw lots of things your way - some good, some not so good.  Being connected with others helps you on your journey, wherever you are. When we learn and grow together we strengthen those connections.  

A Life Group could be just what you need right now. You can join for now or join forever - it's up to you! 

Life Group

homes of members

The New Testament you Never Knew


Ron MacLean 902-835-1787

Talking Points with Andy Stanley

alternate Tuesdays @ 6:30PM

Life Group


Lisa Rand (lisa.l.rand@gmail.com)

Life Group

via Zoom @ 7:00pm 

Ladies Alive

via Zoom @ 9:30AM

Book of Acts


Louise Archibald (louiseiarchibald@gmail.com)



Carolyn Bartol (cmbartol@gmail.com)

Exploring the Character of God