meet the people

So just who are those people at the front of the church, leading the programs and behind the scenes?

David is the newest member of our pastoral team. He is helping us teach and care for our growing community. David summers at his cottage in NB and likes to swim. A former hockey player himself, he can be found enthusiastically spectating his grandchildren’s team sports. Like to chat about your most recent reads? David reads theology books and mysteries.

David Watt.jpeg
Interim Senior Pastor
David Watt

Kathy supports and encourages those who need someone in their corner. She connects with people of all ages in our community and loves to spoil her grandsons.  An avid mystery-lover (think CSI and NCIS), Kathy is an accomplished knitter and loves to cook. She dreams of returning to West Bengal, India, especially if she can travel during our Canadian winter.

Interim Visitation Pastor
Kathy Cochrane

Derek is involved with all things youth. While in high school, after being told by friends that youth group included pizza and basketball, decided to attend and he never left  Having been someone deeply impacted by the community, Derek sees the potential in todays children and youth, and loves to build relationships, have fun, and journey with them as they discover their identity. Derek enjoys basketball, adventuring, and the outdoors.

Interim Youth & Family Pastor 
Derek Thorne
Music Director
Lianne Dimock

"Lianne is the Music Director and Organist and loves her choir!  She enjoys challenging her choristers and always welcomes new singers to join! She is the Mom to three grown children who she is extremely proud of. Lianne loves to visit Cuba and enjoy the beaches. When she is not at the church, you will find her teaching youth at Adolescent Intensive Services within the IWK"

Office Administrator
Peter Metcalfe

Peter is probably the first person you'll see and the first voice you'll hear.  He makes things happen.  A sci-fi guy, Peter's a big fan of all things Marvel and DC. When he's not ensconced behind his cozy desk you might find him performing his self-appointed duties as chief cook and bottle washer for the Metcalfe clan or catching a game on TV.